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I find these skills very helpful for those who are studying for a math test. It gives everything step by step before taking the test till the moment you are taking the test. It goes from note taking to test analysis. I recommend this article to everybody.

Austin Community College, Cypress

I thought the notes on math was real accurate, because math in college is way different from High School. In college you have a shorter period of time because it's just 1 semester. If you don't write notes you won't pass in college. In college math is the subject with most students struggle on.

Also asking questions is very important because a lot of people are scared to ask a question. They think it might be a dumb question, but there is never a dumb question.

Help getting better scorees on Math Tests!
Michael Sharp, College Freshman
Sierra College, Rocklin, California

I found this site to be very helpful. Even as a math major, I found some interesting tools that I can use to help me get better scores on math tests. For instance, in reading the textbook, translating abstract formulas into verbal explanations is an interesting idea that I'm going to put into action to help me understand my area of expertise even better.

This site breaks down each area of a math class into sections which allows you to look up the area that you?re having a problem with and quickly find your solution. If you need help in previewing, taking notes, reading text, problem solving, or test taking this site is going to be your best friend.

Also, as your best friend it will even make you feel good about yourself as it will tell you to how to get rid of math anxiety.

Excellent Source for Helpful Math Tips
College Freshman
Sierra College, Rocklin, CA

This site has lots of useful information and suggestions that are presented in a compact and easy-to-use fashion. Other sites only have pieces of the same information or have the same information, but make it difficult to find by spreading it out across the entire website. The information is clear and easy to understand. It makes sure all the major points are covered and all the information provided can be used for a variety of math classes.

Also, some of the habits or tips provided could even be used in classes of other subjects, allowing a student to develop the learning style that works best for them. Some visual examples are also mixed in throughout the website. This is useful for people like me who sometimes need pictures and diagrams to really understand what I?m reading.

Finally, this website also provides several relaxed sections, such as the ?Twelve Math Myths? and the ?Math Anxiety Bill of Rights,? that can really build a student?s confidence in taking a math class. Overall, this website is organized and full of information that covers a variety of needs and concerns.


How to Study Model

How to Study Model

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