12 Math Myths

12 Math Myths
Santa Fe Community College, Florida

I am a math instructor and I found this article to be so true. Starting next semester I am planning on having my students read this at the beginning of the course to minimize the excuses. Great resource!

12 math myths
College Freshman
Austin Community College, cypress creek

Reading this article made me laugh in class. When I read something about how it's bad to count on your fingers. haha. It's funny because sometimes in math class i catch my self working a problem out with my fingers. Funny passage, but it works!!!

math myths
College Freshman
Austin Community College, Cypress Creek

This passage was very helpful. I liked how they encorporated the thought that men are better at math, very funny! I agree that self confidence is important and knowledge cannot be gained through memorization.

Good Myth-Busting
Shawn, College Sophomore
Sierra College, California

I found this list of 12 math myths to be an excellent way to let people know that they *can* do math, and what's more, they can do it more creatively and with more freedom perhaps than they thought before. It also gives some relief to those who feel they may be doing something the wrong way or that they may be incompetent. On top of that, it's short and fun to read!

College Freshman
Austin Community College, Austin, Tx

IT WAS GOOD TO KNOW THAT OTHER PEOPLE HAVE PROBLEMS TO IN MATH. I always though that woman were better in math then the guys were.But the list said that it was the other way around.

12 Math Myths
Cody Smith
Austin Community College, Cypress Creek Rd.

I though that this passage was funny, but Ido agree on most of what it says: like a man is a better math teacher than a woman. *grin* I have to take this to my Math teacher and explain to her that is the reason why I am not doing that great in her class. If you don't hear from me, you'll know what happened.

Tutor's Seal of Approval
Dave Wahler, College Sophomore
Blue Mountain Community College, Pendleton, OR

I've been working my way through college as a math and science tutor, and this list is solid. Half my job with any given client is overcoming the misconceptions, bad experiences, and negative attitudes they have towards math. Once they make that breakthrough, the rest is history -- easier than history class, even!

12 Math Myths
College Freshman
Sierra College, CA

I thought that this very was a good article. It brings up 12 common misconceptions about math, and promptly refutes them. It is also encouraging for students of mathematics, reassuring them that even if math isn't one of their natural talents, hard work and discipline are more than enough to succeed in a math class.

12 Math Myths
Renee Triano
Sierra College, Rocklin CA.

Oh, I just cracked up. The author of this article must have been standing next to me the first day of my Math class. I believed at least ten of myths to be true. What I relief when I realized that not only were these myths incorrect, but that I, a middle aged women returning to school could not only get through my class, but get an A. I realized that most of my problems with regard to Math was lack of confidence in my ability. I am going to print a copy of these 12 myths and share them with all of my math Tutees. What a great way to start a tutoring session with someone who lacks confidence and may also have believed that they were just pre-disposed to failure.

Math Myths and me
College Sophomore
Sierra College, Rocklin, CA

I found this article to be interesting, since math is always surrounded by people who believe these common myths. Although some of the myths I wasn't aware of, some of them I have consistently thought were true, "Some people have 'math mind' and some don't" is one I thought was true.

From personal experience, math has always been something that has come easy for me, where subjects like English and Art, I struggle with. It is also something that I have heard several of the students I tutor say, "Oh, I just don't have the mind for this, you're lucky it's easy for you." I am often telling the students that sometimes it just takes repetition to get better at math. It's not necessarily the fact that they can't do it; they just haven't done it enough yet.

Myth #4 is also good, because a lot of students, myself included, think we need to be able to explain how we got the answer, not realizing that our ability to keep getting the right answer is proof enough that we know how to do the problem.

I also think myth 5 is good too, since a lot of people think about problems differently and we get this idea in our heads, that since we didn't think to do the problem the way they did it, that our method of getting the answer must not be as good as the method that the other person used. I encounter this a lot with students I tutor as well. They will think of one way to do a problem, and just to make them think a little bit, I might suggest a slightly different way to do it, but explaining to them that there is no best way to do a math problem, that they need to do what they think is easiest for them.

It's nice to know the truth
Spartanburg Community College, Spartanburg, SC

I like that someone actually wrote down a lot of the things I tell my students. There are a lot of myths about math that people just tend to believe, especially if they don't have the confidence in themselves to do math. It's easier to just believe it's impossible for you to learn it than to train your brain to think outside of the box.

Math myths
Gary Vergonet, College Freshman
Sierra College, Rocklin, CA

I found this resource guide very helpful. I had thought that math was not creative; but, I realized in higher level math classes you do need creativity. People create equations to find solutions for thing they do not know about. Like when Einstein figured out that time is relative.

I had thought there is a best way to do math problems. There were many times I found myself asking teachers what is the best way to find a solution to this particular problem. It turns out there is no best way to find a solution; it depends on how you learn.

Before reading the resource guide twelve math myths I had a few misconceptions. After reading it my preconceived notions have been cleared up.

12 Myths Busted
Lyle Whittier, College Sophomore
Sierra College, Rocklin, CA

I found the 12 Math Myths article extremely useful as both a current student and math tutor. My journey from wide eyed freshman to math tutor was less about my ability to learn the material, and more about how to overcome the mental blocks I had accumulated over the years. I had to learn to stop telling myself I was bad at math, and truly embrace it with creativity and confidence. This article lists these math “myths” right from the get go. I only wish I had been handed this article a few semesters ago. I will be giving copies of this to every math student I tutor from now on.

Twelve Math Myths
College Freshman
Chemeketa , Oregon

Seeing these math myths debunked feels like it is taking away the excuses- which is something I need. There is no more room for saying "Well I can't do math because I don't have a math mind." or "I can't solve this problem because I can't solve it the right way." It is helpful because now I know the facts, and the biggest thing standing in my way of getting that good grade or really grasping the problem is me.

Knowing that I am standing in the way of my own success, and not because I don't have the brain for it or something else, is actually really helpful. I can change my study habits, and control how much homework I do and don't do. It takes away the big scary monster of math being hard and leaves me with something I can work with and control- myself.

12 Math myths
Jennifer, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem Oregon

This handout showed me that some of the myths I believed. It's nice to know that they are only myths, such as the good memory one to be good at math. I used to think that I had to remember every single formula and exactly how to do each problem, which actually both of those are common myths. This is a great read and makes math less intimidating.


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