Writing Speeches

What we all hate
Derrick A Harris
Austin Community College, Cypress Campass

Speeches was not my strongest skill in high school. This article was very helpful, it breaks the speech down into many different pin point parts. After reading the Article I feel more aware of what a speech needs. For those how have trouble writing speeches I suggest you read this thesis. It well help you.

Writing Speeches
Veronica Baragas, College Freshman
Austin Community Ciollege, Cypress Creek

This review was very helpful. I feel very confident that I could deliver a well written speech. It was to the point and very easy to read. The parts about capturing the audience was the best part. No matter how good your speech is, if you don't have a listening audience, no speech will be moving, educating, or heard!

College Freshman
Austin Community College, Cedar Park, Texas

Even though i took speech in high school, I always had a hard time writing out what I was going to say. I like getting stuff explained to me step by step just like this is listed it. It will help out a lot. I have yet to take speech in college, but I think this will help out when I get to that point it.

Difficult writing
Marjorie Jones
Ultimate Medical Academy , Clearwater,Florida

Writing a speech was never an easy task for me to do.I always had trouble staying on topic,but after reading this i feel more confident in writing an excellent speech.This is an helpful study guide on speech writing. I will recommend it to everyone I know.


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