Some suggestions on how to do well in physics and Garner's ten commandments on problem solving

good suggestions
Mary Ann Hipp, Grad
Spartanburg Community College, Spartanburg SC

I thought this was a helpful article. I especially liked the comment about learning physics is like playing the violin - you have to do it rather than just watch someone else. Drawing pictures is also a good idea.

Derive, Derive evry equation from the elementry concept of the chapter
UAF, Fairbanks, Alaska

I think this are great concepts to help studying physics.

I think the common mistake is the plug and chug , the equations that summarizes the chapter at the end of the chapter can work fine in solving a problem from the book. This a fast way to do the homework, but is insufficient in processing the concepts of the chapter.

A better way for doing the homework is deriving that equation using the elementary principles that enabled you to derive the equation throughout the chapter. Working on the derivation of the problem will assist in improving the understanding of the material.

Good luck.

Some suggestions on how to do well in physics and Garner's ten commandments on problem solving
College Freshman
Canada College, Redwoodcity, Ca

In this article one obtains a lot of information on how physics should be approached. It breaks down step by step on what an individual should be doing in order to succeed in physics. It clearly states that everyone struggles in physics, which is why one must study a couple of hours after class. Read the book and notes before going to the lecture and diving right into the homework, as well as trying to solve as many problems as possible.


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