Studying for the Exam

Studying For The Exam
Nichol McGaughy, College Freshman
Austin Community College, Cypress Creek

This could work for any subject, not just history. I've never been great at studying but now I have a way better idea for what to do now and I plan on using this in the future.

College Freshman
ACC, Austin, TX

I have alwayshad trouble taking exams. Yet now that I have read this, I feel that if I were to follow this I would be more confident when I take a test. I felt that this articlewill help me in college.

LaJoya Brown
Austin Communtiy College, Round Rock, TX

It is suggested that you read lecture notes ( date by date) then read through your books. Whether you study alone or with a partner is your choice. But before you look at notes and the book, make sure you clarify what kind of test it is ( multiple choice, objective,short answer etc) so you'll know how to approach your studying.

Studying for the Exam
Cambridge-South Dorchester High, Cambridge, Maryland

If I studied for the exam this way, I think it would definitely work. It would help me review all the topics. I could go back to the book and review the unit summaries. Also I should take notes in class and highlight only the main points. Then, I should go home and review everyday, and study the notes.

I should be aware of the authors interpretation so I understand the text fully. Studying with friends is an option, but I would prefer not to. I concentrate better when I study by myself.

Studying for the Exam
Cambridge-South Dorchester High, Cambridge, MD

I usually have some to a lot of trouble when it comes to studying for a test. It gets so boring to read that I tend to shy away and not pay attention fully. This article gives a great way to approach studying. Re-reading lecture notes and then re-writing the concepts that are important is helpful.

I agree that it is good to underline in books and notes that way you know what to read and you don't have to constantly read everything. I agree that studying alone or with friends does have its ups and downs, but I think alone is more efficient because there are fewer distractions. I like this article. because it can work for every test and any subject, not just history. I now have a better understanding of how to study more ably than previously.


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How to Study Model

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