How to Read a Math Textbook

how to read a math textbook
College Freshman
Austin Community College, Round Rock

I thought this was a great article. Reading math textbooks can be hard sometimes and this really laid out some good steps. This would be very helpful for anyone taking a math class.

good reading
College Freshman
Austin Community College, Cedar Park TX

Never thought that reading a math book would help, but it truly does. And with these eight steps you are sure to be on your way to an A.

It's True!
Derrick a Harris, College Freshman
Austin Community College, Cypress Campus

It is true, reading a math textbook is every much different from reading a traditional textbook. For thoughts how have trouble reading math books this article will show you why you're having trouble as well as help you fix your struggles. The article breaks down the reading into 8 sets: Skimming the assigned reading, annotating, putting all your concentration into your reading, what you should do when you come to example, marking the words you donít understand, why you should understand all the reading material, and comparing the information you read to what you already know.

One important point the article explains is that when you read and you come to a word you donít understand you shouldnít keep on reading. Unlike reading a book, you cant keep on reading the passage without understanding what you already read and this article helps you understand why.

A wonderful way to explaining how to read your mathbook
Rabail Hussain, College Freshman
Austin community college, Round rock

This was a awesome review. I am glad that I found out many helpful hints to read my mathbook. I am glad that our instructor showed us this website; it will help me a lot.

How to Read a Textbook
Austin Community College, Round Rock, Texas

I like the tips on how to read a math textbook. I never thought to highlight important concepts. I usually read the areas with the bolded words and then skip to the examples.

Reading A Math Textbook
College Freshman
Austin Community College, Austin, TX

You know I never really knew that you would have to read a math textbook. While it does actually help when you are trying to solve problems. Reading to help you answer the questions is a great tool. It will help to improve your test scores.

How to Read a Math Textbook
Vanh Li-Diaz, College Freshman
Austin Community College, Cedar Park TX

I find the techniques very helpful. I have been applied them to Calculus class and my tests are improving tremendously.

Math Textbook
HS Freshman
Austin Community College, Round Rock

I never knew reading a math textbook could be so helpful. I usually would just skim though it and look at the examples. If you really just sit down and read it, you began to understand what you are doing.

How to read a math textbook
College Freshman
Austin Community College, Texas

I have always had trouble understanding a math textbook. Sometimes because of the words and I couldn't understand them. Or sometimes it was just to confusing for myself to understand.

But I think that this article can be really helpful. It tells you to highlight unknown words and look them up and write them in the back with the glossary. I like the fact that it tells you to write in the steps that the book may have skipped so later when you look back you can understand what you've done to reach the next step. Because personally I forget little steps like that once im trying to do my homework.

It's like Greek!
Sierra Adibi, College Sophomore
Sierra College, Rocklin, CA

What a great explanation. I think a lot of students don't even try to read their math textbooks, because it all looks like a jumble of numbers and symbols, but this gives really good advice on how to be able to comprehend what the book is saying.

Reading a math textbook is really quite hard if you're not used to it, but it can be so helpful, in addition to your lecture notes, when trying to study.

How to Read a Math Textbook
Curtis Bell, College Freshman
ACC, Austin, TX

This is good information to have . It will help me in the long run. I learned things I didn't know before.

Great Article
bill kramer, Grad
Spartanburg Community College, Spartanburg, SC

This article had a couple of really important points. First, students need to manage their expectations. Reading and understanding a math text can be a lot more work and take a lot longer than they expect. A challenging single page can take a half hour or more.

The second point I really liked was "step 6". Students should create a glossary of terms and concepts they don't understand. Then before any test, spend time with the teacher, tutors, or others so that they understand the concepts.

It works for me!
Levi Overbeck, College Senior
University of Alaska Fairbanks, Fairbanks Alaska

This website was very helpful and informative, I personally being a physics major am constantly forced to sit down and read past math books for clarification on certain issues and this website does give you a highly effective method for reading a math text book. The step by step guide can walk anyone who is struggling with their own book through it and help them come out successful, I highly recommend trying these steps!

Reading Math Textbook
Teddy Martin, College Junior
University of Alaska Fairbanks, 1000 University Ave Fairbanks, AK 99709

The reason I chose to write a review on this article is because I know from experience how painful it can be reading a math text book. The article's title did get my hopes up, but I found no new information or magic formula in helping to better read math text books, although the advice was still sound.

I agree with any text book we should be engaged and defining words or concepts we do not understand before moving on. I also really like the idea of drawing from other resources other than the textbook such as class notes, online videos, classmates, and even other classes that relate. The more things we can relate to each other, the better we are able to understand them.

reading math textbooks
Mary, College Freshman
Sierra College, Rocklin, CA

Every one should knows that the way of reading a math textbook is different from the traditional way.You can't skim the material or even guess the new words. In a mathematics text book a single simple sentence may present an enormous complex idea. For math don't read , write! Write complete solution with all steps , because students learn math by doing not just by reading.


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