Study Tips for Chemistry Students (What I wish they had told me as an undergraduate)

No excuses!
Kristina Netherwood, College Freshman
Sierra College, Rocklin, CA.

This resource was very helpful. After completing general chemistry, I have found many of statements to be true. You really do "pay the price" for your grade. If you work hard at it, you obviously do better. Most importantly I'd like to mention something this resource points out and that is that there is "no room on your transcript for excuses."

I like how the author gives simple explanations to what he/she means. He uses examples that are easy to understand and are interesting for the college student to read. It makes sense to "study offensively rather than defensively." If you see the material as an interest or a challenge, you are more capable of accomplishing it. This is a really helpful article that every student should read.

Jeremy's Review
Jeremy Morales Madrigal, College Freshman
Canada College, Redwood City, CA

The tips provided in this document are not only applicable to chemistry, but also to math, physics and any other subject that may require intensity review and continuous work.

The parts I find more interesting are: being consistent, checking our grammar and the answer in general to make sure it makes sense, and last but not least constantly review the material.

Giving feedback to others and to our own is a good way to improve our learning process as well as keeping a positive attitude towards learning.

Thank you to the author of these tips, and know it is time for me to practice them.

Very good guide
Paul Heintz, College Sophomore
Sierra College, California

This is a very good guide for studying in any class, not just chemistry. The sports analogies were a bit cliche, but are actually very relevant for once. I particularly agreed with the suggestions to study like you test and to "study offensively."

The only real flaw I found was that it said nothing about study groups or lab technique. My second semester of general chemistry was far, far easier then the first semester because I joined a very good study group. And staying on top of your glassware and keeping it clean, among other things, will save you a lot of time in lab.

I think it does an extremely good job of covering what it covers, and would recommend it to any student, but those two omissions prevent it from being a definitive guide.

Great tips
College Senior
Univeristy of Alaska Fairbanks, Fairbanks, AK

This article really goes over important study habits, and is especially helpful to feel prepared to take on a difficult chemistry.

Upperclassmen perspective
College Senior
Goshen College, Goshen, IN

This article is exactly the kinds of things I wish to convey to my underclassmen tutees in Chemistry. It hits comprehensively and accurately on all the major tips for the practice of learning Chemistry. I really appreciate extensive use of analogy in this article. The writing tone is persuasive and reasonable. Chemistry professors often adopt the same bits of advice, but here is a codification of all those pieces. The biggest concept in article exhorts the student to bring awareness to their learning and to treat academics as practice and preparation. I could not agree more. That said, there is a tendency for the explanations under each section heading to be verbose.


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How to Study Model

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