10 Ways to Survive the Math Blues

Learn for the future, not for tomorrowís test.
College Freshman
Austin Community College, round rock

I find this article very interesting because it helps me view math differently by helping me think about how math relates with my other classes and how I use math in my everyday life. Love the quote "Learn for the future, not for tomorrowís test."

The 10 ways DID help!
College Freshman
Austin Community College, Cyprus Creek

I think this article really could help a student who struggles in math class. It not only tells you what to do to calm down about the thought of math, it also tells you HOW to do the math. I strongly would recommend this article to my friends or someone I knew if they was scared about math. Math is a tough subject, and if you find behind just a little bit, in reality you fall behind a lot!

My Math Blues
College Freshman
Austin Community College, Austin, Tx

Like me, there are others who struggle in mathematics. Every Tuesday and Thursday night i dread going to my math class because i feel like I'm the only one who doesn't understand a thing the teacher is saying. I too have blamed a math teacher for a bad grade all because I disliked math classes. This article is very helpful in understanding how to fight those math blues that you have.

Delia Trejo
ACC, Austin,TX

I did like the review. We do have to get the picture and not let math get on top of us. Is true we need to plan ahead, and find other resources when we don't understand. Especially keeping a sense of humor.

Survive the Math Blues
Terrica Stripling, Grad
Spartanburg Community College, Spartanburg,SC

This article really could help a student who struggles in math class. It tells you what to do to relax and not stress out about math problems. It also tells you HOW to do the math. It shows you how math can relate to other subjects and help answer the question WHY we do math.

on top of it
Austin Community College, Round Rock, Texas

I like the part when it said to be on top of your math don't let it be on top of you. I should work ahead in my book as much as i can.

Are you blue?
Cypress Creek Austin Community College, Cedar Park, Texas

I really enjoyed the '10 ways to survive the Math Blues' Article. Everyone of these tips can help you and are SO TRUE! My favorite tip was the "Don't fall into the trap of copying from a friend to survive" My friend in my math class always tries to copy me. What good will this do for you!??

Very Helpful!
Will Allbritain, College Freshman
Sierra College, Rocklin, CA

This list is very well put together. It debunks several common misconceptions about math and makes it less intimidating, all in an extremely readable package. I agree that the knowledge that there is a purpose to learning math (#1) is especially vital to fighting apathy. The idea of using multiple texts (#4) was new to me, but I'll be sure to keep it in mind from now on. Good work!

Common Sense Tips
College Sophomore
Sierra College, Rocklin, CA

This review was very helpful. Many people dislike math and have a great deal of anxiety about the topic. Viewing math as progressive learning is very helpful. Knowing that math builds upon prior knowledge, and that you will need to retain all of that knowledge is vital. The document states that practice is the key to a successful math experience and I agree. I found this piece very helpful and would share it with my students.

10 ways review
keely jones
Sierra College, Rocklin, California

I found this list to be right on point. Because math is often a subject that induces anxiety, it can be refreshing to have a little checklist like this one. I liked how the author pointed out how important it is to practice math every day. As a math tutor, I know this to be true.

Also, the mention of how this subject is based on building upon prior knowledge is probably the most important thing. For example, in pre-algebra, it is necessary to master solving basic equations in order for any upper level algebraic equations to make any sense. Another thing I found to be very beneficial was the mention of finding other resources. In math, there are often several methods for solving a problem, so O can see the importance of knowing all the angles.

math blues
demetrius green, College Freshman
Florida State College @Jacksonville, Jacksonville Fl

I believe the tools in this section are very helpful. The suggestions given are awesome and very helpful in becoming better in math. I fully intend on using these techniques.

Helpful, indeed!
Christina Fifita, College Sophomore
Canada College, Redwood City, Ca

Math isn't one of my strongest subjects and I find this article extremely helpful and it put me at ease. Math is challenging and seeing it from all perspectives is helpful especially in the learning process. Realizing what math professors go through in trying to make it interesting and fun can be a workload on them and I now appreciate them even more. Staying ahead and never giving up will only allow me to do better and if I make a mistake I'll always know that I have another shot at finding the correct answer. I would definitely recommend this article to my peers who are also intimidated by math because these are helpful hints in ways to tackle that problem :)

8 steps to get a better Grade
Miles Casella
Canada College, United States

I used this method in preparing not just for my math test but for other classes as well. This guide is great and really captures certain aspects that you normally wouldn't take into consideration while studying for a test.

10 tips for math
Melony Ferguson, College Sophomore
Sierra College, Rocklin, CA

I liked this resource, because it gave practical adviceon how to be successful at math class. I think the website looked realistically at problems that math students face when taking the class and it hit the nail on the head with each one. There were a total of ten suggestions of how to survive that math blues.

My two favorite suggestions were number #4 and #6 which said to use more than one resource and practice. These were the two tips that helped me when I took math classes. I practiced, practiced, and practiced. Also, as the website brought out I used more than one math textbook to help me understand certain concepts. My opinion on the resource based on my knowledge and experience as a tutor and student is that the website is excellent, encouraging, and gives student the motivation they need to succeed in math.

math study tip
salma dahir
Minneapolis Community and Technical College, Minneapolis ,MN

i like to do math questions early morning when my mind is fresh and I am not tired. I also like doing my mathlab.It's annoying doing the same problem 67 times but once my instructor told me that the reason why they keep a lot of similar questions and make us do them is that the more you do the higher chances that it will stick in our head for long. I don`t want to do something only to forget it by the time the exams come. So thumbs up to the mathlab inventor.

Ten ways to survive the math blues
AnnaRose Perry, College Sophomore
Minneapolis Community and Technical College, Minneapolis, MN

I liked that this was a list of helpful tips, instead of pages and pages of reading. It's short so it makes it more desirable to read. It had some really good bullet points of information about planning your time, taking responsibility for your own learning, and using other resources. Regardless of what kind of math class you are taking, these tips are pretty universal.

Math Blues
College Freshman
Chemeketa , Salem Oregon

I love the part about not playing the blame game. I have always tried to blame my instructor on my issues with math, but I think I may have been wrong. I love the steps and ideas that they give. I think reading ahead is a great idea and prepares you for what is to come.


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