Business Letters

Business letters
Rabail Hussain, College Freshman
Austin Community College, Round Rock

This website is awesome... I am very glad that I cam across it. In professional life it is very important to do well on your business letters. I have always learned that the way we talk and write is very important in today's business life.

, very helpful because it can prompt you to write better business letters.

how to write a business letter
Aliry Serna, College Freshman
Austin Community College, Texas

Writing a business letter isn't easy. As I take on my new job as accounts receivable and accounts payable I have to learn how to write a well written letter.

This passage showed a lot to me. I especially liked the examples.

How to write a Business Letter
College Freshman
Harrisburg Area CC, York, PA

Business Letters Principles to keep in mind in business writing, is to know your audience. When writing to your audience assume that they have limited time to read this document and is likely to skim through. They want to know the "bottom line" , therefore they know what you are trying to explain. To keep your audience interested in what they are reading, keep your letters formal. Also be sure to Proof Read the document before handing out. You want to watch how you write your letter; using passive voice does not clearly speak of who or what. Using active voice explains who or what is being talked about. This helps the audience read and understand clearly. When writing business letters be sure to have your business address on the far right of your paper to whom you are and the address to who you are writing it to on the far left.

Next, you want to address to whom you are writing . Such as "Dear, Human Resource". Then after writing your letter, sign the letter by saying "Sincerely, your name". When faxing a document to another business, etc. You will need a cover sheet to go along with your document. On your cover sheet you must have a date, which it is addressed to (the company address) then you need to state for what purpose you are sending the letter. Examples of my handout will be, how to prepare a cover sheet, how to prepare a letter and also a little bit on what is in with owning your own business.


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