Study Tips for the Student of Basic Statistics

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This sounds like a lot of work but well worth it. I want to major in business. The tips here are long and interesting. I say this because doing every problem possibly can mean you have no life, but if that's what you have to do to be good in business then I'm all for it.

Study Tips For Basis Statistics
Jordan Hackworth, College Freshman
Austin Community College, Texas

Studying doesn't mean to cram all the information into one or two days!

Always try to study one to two hours every day, so you can store the information better. Studying in groups also helps because it makes things a little bit more interesting, which means that you won't get bored as fast as you normally would.

Try to work as many problems as possible so you can get a better understanding of what to do. If you are a victim of math anxiety try to see a counseling program. Iit will help more than you know.

Business Studies
College Freshman
Austin Community College, Cedar Park, Texas

I like the tips they gave. I use them sometimes in my math class now, even before i read this. I think it helps out a lot.

An excellent resource!
Gabriel Schlaefer, College Sophomore
Sierra College, Rocklin, California

In this to-the-point article, Prof. Gary C. Ramseyer has given some truly invaluable advice for those struggling to comprehend elementary statistics at the undergraduate level. I recently took a summer statistics class, and I currently tutor stats at my college?s Learning Center. From my experience both learning and helping others to learn this daunting subject, I would say that each of Prof. Ramseyer?s 7 study tips is equally indispensable.

I would like to mention some of my personal favorites/. The first tip advises us to study a little every day, rather than a lot once per week. This may seem like common sense, but it is surprising how many students unwisely put off studying until the last minute.

The second tip of studying in small groups is one I have found to be very useful during my drop-in tutoring hours. At these sessions I sometimes find that explanations are unnecessary, since the tutees themselves often help each other to understand the topic in question.

As Prof. Ramseyer states in his third tip, rather than vainly attempting to memorize formulas, try to wrap your mind around the statistical concepts they embody. If it helps, forget about numbers and use visual depictions to aid in grasping complex ideas, such as standard deviation. This is the approach I have taken with my tutees, and so far it has been quite successful. The counsel to employ the principles of Gestalt psychology in forming a view of statistics is likewise worth heeding. In statistics, it is absolutely necessary to see small things in the context of the ?bigger picture,? for this is really what statistics is all about. I recommend that every student and tutor of basic statistics prints this article and keeps it in his or her binder at all times for future reference and reflection.


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