Biology Reading Skills

Nick Waleske, HS Junior
Austin Community College, Texas

I realize that every word does count. I won/t be able to read the text books like a novel because with a novel you can read a few words and get distracted and still know what the book will be about. With the text books i need to read and pay attention to every word.

reading Bio
College Sophomore
Penn State DuBois, DuBois, PA

I thought this was a very good list of steps to reading and retaining info for Biology. I have used these myself, and they really work!

Great Tips
Diana Khuong, Grad
Canada College, United States

These are very helpful tips. I follow most of these tips and have found them useful. The most helpful hint I found is “do not worry about the resale value of the textbook”./ I was able to learn more from the textbook when I write notes in the margin, reword confusing concepts, and highlight important topics.

However, I think there is too much emphasis on reading the book. Every professor is different; some will follow the textbook closely, but some use it as a reference for students. I think it will be better to study what the professor emphasizes in class. Therefore, I believe this is a great guide on how to read a biology textbook; but, in studying for a class, students must also spend time studying other resources that the professor provides, such as notes and handouts.


How to Study Model

How to Study Model

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