Problem-guided reading for math

Improve your math grade!
College Sophomore
Canada College, Redwood City, CA

This resource is o.k., it doesn't really provide anything profound. However, it does reinforce the basics of study habits, which a lot of people don't really know. Just by following these basic study habits you can drastically improve your math grade. So i would give this resource a 7 out of 10.

College Freshman
Austin Community College, RRHE

PGR is problem guided reading. It's a program that helps you understand what you are reading when it comes to math, so that you can read the chapter fast and understand the stuff you just learned. It's help me realize that re-reading is a great way to contain the information that you just read.

Problem-Guided Reading for Math
Curtis J Bell, College Freshman
ACC, Round Rock

This will help me out a lot. I will save me a lot of time. It will help me to look at work problems differently.

Concept Learning
Kayla Chun
Canada College, Redwood City, Ca

I can really relate to many of the strategies mentioned in this resource. I'd also like to add that when reviewing formulas, try to truly understand what is the point behind those formulas and why they work. Once you understand the application, even if you blank on the formula on the test, it makes it easier to remember it when you think about it and understand what concepts to apply to solve the problem in front of you.

PGR for Math
College Freshman
Chemeketa , Salem Oregon

What a cool idea! I'm excited to try this, when I start my first math class. I think this will help me to interpret the information better and really get the information stuck in my head. I struggle so much with this issue and I hope that this will help.

Problem guided reading
Chemeketa Community College, Salem Oregon

Problem guided reading for math is a very great way to do math homework! I printed this information out as well as I'm a person who does read my text book ahead of the class. Worst feeling in the world is to not understand what the instructor is talking about in class! I like that this method uses somewhat of a elimination strategy to it. Definitely great information to keep on hand.


How to Study Model

How to Study Model

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