Study Tips from Former Nursing Students

This was Helpful
Carrie Keiper, College Freshman
ACC, Austin, TX

Being a new nursing student I found that this was very helpful. I found some very good information. I will come back and look at the article in the future when I need help leaning the best way to study

study tips from fromer nursing students
College Freshman
Austin Community College, Austin, TX

i really liked the slide show notes about the nursing study tips. I decided to read this one because nursing is my major and what better way to find out from an experienced nurse how to take notes. A lot of the material we are learning in packet one was covered in the slide as well. It seemed very true and very helpful. I will remember this site to come back and look at more slides and this one as well.

Study Tips from Former Nursing Students
Austin Community College, Round Rock, TX

This article it once again has helped me learn some great study strategies. Taking notes is very helpful according to this article. I was always the person that never used notes because I thought it wasn't worth it and I would always be lost.

It says to make an outline of the notes you took to help you understand which is a great idea. This article also helps you understand what you should do in a classroom and from your text books.

Study Tips from Former Nursing Students
Rachel Richards, College Freshman
RRHEC, Round Rock

I usually don't take notes because I don't understand the notes that I write. In this article, it helps me realize that note taking is a wonderful thing and it will help you out a lot. It helps me realize also a very good way to study for test!

study tips
Brendann Keil, College Sophomore
Austin Cummunity College CYP, Cypress Cedar Park, Texas

I think one way to stay focus on studying is by doing color coded flash cards. Keep it interesting in a way that works for you. You can also use colored pens when taking notes.

Leanne W., College Freshman
InterCoast Colleges, Riverside. CA

Learning from this review is very beneficial to my studies for learning new ways to learn about Nursing.

Great! This was so helpful.
Kenyal Parker, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Clearwater, Flordia

I thought this was awesome! I had ahard time at first catching on, because nursing, in general, is very intimating to me, but it's something I've always wanted to do. These tips were just what I was looking for.

Study Tips from Former Nursing Students
Alejandra Guerra, College Senior
Goshen College, Goshen, IN

I feel that apart from all the things that create stress in nursing school, clinicals are a major one. It was helpful to read that no matter who we are, we all start off differently, and our previous experiences definitely do not define what type of a nurse we will turn out to be. In the clinical setting, I've also noticed that being interested and engaged by helping your nurse (although the majority of the time you don't know half of what you are doing), is something they really appreciate. It is good to make yourself known as being an independent person. You may or may not know anything, yet engaging and showing interest will undoubtedly make you succeed in clinicals--at least it does so for me. Although "kissing butt" sounds extreme, it most likely will make you thrive!

Keeping yourself on top and learning to prioritize is a definite must. This makes nursing school much, MUCH smoother. Organization and planning are great skills to acquire if you have yet to do so. Taking it a day at a time will avoid you to become overly overwhelmed. I, at one point, liked to plan my weeks ahead...I must say this is a BIG NO. Trust the concept of taking it a day at a time!

Reviewing your professors lectures after class is a HUGE help. It does not have to be a big portion of your time--an hour will most definitely help. Study groups and creating amazing friendships, have definitely helped me succeed in nursing school. Above all, knowing that you"re not the only one out there is motivating. Know that MANY others are feeling the same way you are. Lastly, have a little bit of confidence. In the end, you will succeed!


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