Mathematics: Guidelines for Study

Guidelines for Study
College Freshman
Florida State College of Jacksonville, Florida, Jacksonville, Florida

I know this link is very helpful for me and very well could be for others. This link teaches you all the steps of learning how to get better at math problems. It teaches you how to take notes, read/understand, steps of how to break down problems and solve them correctly. These are the steps I use to better myself at solving math problems. Using these basic steps can help other students in all math levels understand and successfully pass all their assignments.

I love this guide
Arthur Wilson, HS Junior
Canada Community College, Redwood City, CA

I love this guide. It literally covers all the bases , giving the advice I would give to anybody who is struggling with a math class, no matter what level. From what I''ve noticed, most people I talk to stop at the fourth step and completely disregard the (in my opinion) most important step of analyzing the problems you've just solved. If you just learn the formulae and basic methods that your class requires, and your instructor springs a new kind of problem on the final (It's certainly happened to me) and you have no idea how to figure it out. It's probably because you never bothered to explore the different ways you can apply the various things you've learned throughout the class.

MATH Note Taking!
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

Here are some very helpful note taking tips, that have been useful for me. Smart pens are very helpful, but can be on the expensive side. You can actually record the lecture on the pen, and listen to it later on. While listening too it you can revise your notes, and take note of anything you missed.

During lecture, learn to identify the important things, and take note of it. For example, usually the things written on the board are important, or demonstrated formulas. Comparing notes with other classmates you may find very helpful. This will help you with anything you forgot too take note of. Going over your notes before bed, and before class will help refresh your memory.


How to Study Model

How to Study Model

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