Managing Nervousness During Presentations

Tiffany Flowers, College Freshman
Austin Community College, Austin,TX

I honestly hate speech. I just don't like standing in front of a group of people."ALL EYES ON ME" but, when it comes time for class speeches I would rather be the first to give one. That way I don't feel so pressured, after someone else who may be better at giving speeches than me.

speechless doing presentations
College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, Flordia

I can't speak in a crowd, because i get really nervous and forget what I'm about to say; also i get shy quickly when it comes to giving a personal speech. This activity helps me learn about my nervousness by practicing before I present and also going over my speech with some of my group of friends, before getting up in front of a large crowd.

College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy Online, Tampa, Florida

When its time for me to get up and saying anything in front of a large crowd. I get nervous. It feels as if someone is holding my lips together , and when I do finally say anything, either I'm talking too fast or I'm tongue tied. I'm shy. The only thing I do is smile.

Getting over a SAD
Tammie Williams, College Freshman
UMA, Clearwater, Fl(online program)

I developed a social anxiety disorder in grade school which affected many aspects of my life, including speaking/performing in front of others. I took a speech performance class in college which gave me the tools took work on overcoming my shyness. To this day, when I start feeling anxious in front of others(one or many). I remember things like eye contact, subjects that are interesting to me or the other person/people, and body language(what am I conveying to the "audience"?).


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