Sociology Study Skills

Sociology Study Skills
Jessica Kellum
Austin Community College, Cedar Park, Texas

Upon clicking the link to this article and reading the headline "Sociology Study Skills" interested me right off the bat. In reading the introduction I felt that there were other people out there with the same problems as me: I can't study to save my life. Then even if I do, it's the wrong material or I stayed on one thing. This article helped me realize helpful methods that can get me ready for any test. I'm definitely going to use the S Q 3R method!

Sociology Study Skills
Austin Community College, Austin, Texas

I have taken a sociology class before, all that was ever on the test were questions dealing with vocabulary and definitions. Studying for these exams would be about memorization.

How to understand what we read
Cinthya Flores, College Sophomore
Canada College, Redwood City, California

I really felt like I related to what this handout was saying about studying. Sometimes when I am reading about a subject that is not my favorite I just cruise through the chapter yet do not understand it much by the end. I liked how this handout was able to give advice on ways to understand the text book better.

Something I will try the next time that I am having trouble is to look ahead at the subtitles of the sections before I start to read. When a subject is confusing it is really easy to feel overwhelmed, but if the person reads ahead they will be able to manage the information better as they read. Making the headings of chapters into questions will challenge a person to find the answer as they read. This handout was very helpful in giving solutions for when someone may feel confused by the reading in a subject.

sociology study skills
College Sophomore
Waubonsee Community College, Aurora, il

Sociology was always a subject that interested me. I am majoring in Social work so I had to take a sociology class. I received a B in the class and I am positive I would have gotten an A if I had read this article before. The SQ3R method would have helped me a lot.

I was assigned a lot a reading assignments and had a hard time on them. Asking myself questions and reviewing what i had read would have helped me more. Great article.


How to Study Model

How to Study Model

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