Reading A Math Textbook

Decent Analysis
College Senior
Wofford College, Spartanburg, SC

I only say decent because most should be somewhat obvious, but it was good reiteration. I think doing the examples given is the best way to start because writing and doing reinforces and helps the student grasp the learning process. Writing it while the steps are given will help the student see what's happening while having the connection to it as well.

raeding a math textbook
Jacob Hefner, College Freshman
Austin Community College, Cypress creek, Texas

It is a good that they tell you to just slow down and take your time, because it is not a race. Also take notes and to do practice along the way and that will help you in the end.

Kyla Jeschke, College Freshman
Austin Community College, Cypress Creek, Texas

I liked this review. Math books can be very difficult to understand. This article shows you how to read it without getting confused. It gives you study tips in order to make sure you have that section right, before you move on to the next section.

Very helpful
Spencer Hollingsworth
Canada College, Redwood City, CA

This study guide effectively points out the importance of keeping a steady pace, practicing often and to never skip a page in order to fully comprehend mathematics.

I especially agree with the 6th, 7th and 10th steps: writing as you read and then recording and saying out loud key points without reading the text, because there no better proof of understanding a math concept than to explain it to yourself and/or others.

Take your time
College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, Florida

These tips are very helpful. When I was reading it I saw myself in this. I used to do the same things. Just skimming over things and starting with whatever part I got to. Now I take my time and ask questions when I do not understand. It really helped a lot!

Reading a math textbook
Dminique Jenkins, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Clearwater, Florida

I believe if you concentrate on the math examples after carefully reading the problems, you can understand it more.You can even work the example problems over, so you can get the hang of it and feel a little more comfortable. Also, wrtting the problem as you read it will let you know you have your needed information.

Very helpful
College Freshman
Sierra College, Rocklin, CA

I find this resource helpful because it is so true about studying for math. Right off the bat, the first point made is a key point in reading math text books. Students should not skim it, because he or she would not get anything out of it.

Another good point made was that math textbooks do not repeat themselves. Once the lesson is done, it will not show up as review in the next pages.

In statistics, I dealt with graphs and charts a lot so the fourth point is very helpful. Visualizing the lesson is the best way to remember how the concept works. One of my tutees, she did not know anything about cards and cards was the only material used throughout the lesson. She tried to understand it by just writing down how many suits, numbers, cards per suit, but she had no idea what they were. I knew the lesson before we started the session, and I brought cards just to expect the worst which is she would not know what cards were. What I noticed what with people having trouble with math is that they need to visualize the lesson for them to understand it.

Lastly, math takes practice. The more problems a student does, the better he or she gets. I would recommend this website to anyone having a hard time with math.


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