How to Study for Your Economics Exam

Great Advice!
Rachel Rankin, College Sophomore
Canada College, Redwood City, CA

Studying for an Econ test can be extremely overwhelming! "Where should I even start?" is often one of my first questions. This document is organized and clear with its suggestions. I liked the bullet form used in this resource, which makes it seem like a "check-off" list. This will definitely get used when I study for my final and I will make sure to refer my tutees to it next time they want some additional advice on study techniques.

Good Stuff
Gilbert Ruiz, College Freshman
Crafton Hills College, Yucaipa, CA

This was pretty helpful. It hammered onto exactly how I prepare for my exams. As a matter of fact I have an exam in the coming weeks. So now, with this knowledge I better get an A instead of a B+.

An Excellent Short Guide to Studying for an Economics Exam
College Sophomore
Sierra College , CA., USA

This guide makes great points that are sure to help you study for that upcoming exam, whether you're getting a head start and it's two weeks away, or if you've waited until the last minute and need to cram effectively. (Note: It's always better not to cram, but if the damage of procrastination is done, the advice here will help you "cut your losses", so to speak.)

One strategy it outlines is a very effective one, to go through all your notes and make an outline of all the information presented in the lectures, which, in my experience, helps both by allowing you to better absorb the material as you write it and try and find the most efficient way to outline it, and by having the finished product be a good study guide for later studying.

Also, especially with Economics, it's important to make a list of all important terminology/ideas and their definitions/uses. A list of formulas you need is also very important, as it notes. When addressing cramming, it advises the studying student to not try and get every single detail (as you'll end up not learning anything because your mind won't retain it) but rather, to go over the main ideas and focus on completely learning one idea, and only then moving on to the next. ("Spend 25% of your time memorizing the key terms and facts, and the rest of the night repeating the information.")

This guide is beneficial to the average Economics student because it goes over all the important points of effective studying, with much of the advice geared specifically toward the subject, without throwing so much at you that it becomes overwhelming.


How to Study Model

How to Study Model

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