How to Study for your Economics Exam

Procrastinator's special
Claire Sloan, HS Senior
Canada College, Redwood City, CA

As a procrastinator I usually pull an all-nighter studying right before an exam. Then in the morning I'm tired, cranky, hungry, and can't focus on the test I'm taking. If you can relate to my experience, then this article will help you to avoid the stress that goes hand in hand with procrastination.

These tips help you to maximize your time the night before the exam and remind you to focus on the important things. Eating and getting a good night of sleep will help you more than cramming new info into your brain will. Take my advice: check out this article and implement what you can. You'll save yourself a lot of worry.

Great Studying Resource
Luke Martin, HS Junior
Ca?ada College, Redwood City, CA

Although this article is meant for an economics class, the strategies for exam study can be applied to just about any college course. The information here is clearly laid out in fifteen bullet points, and when I have used some of these tips in my own exam preparation it has been very beneficial.

The "other tips" that are listed at the end have been especially helpful when I have applied them. When the test is just around the corner and my brain is just starting to get in worry mode, it is very helpful to have a simple list like this to go back to and use.

Test anxiety? No more
Etai Talmor, College Sophomore
Sierra College, Rocklin, CA

As an economics major student, I put more emphasis on economics than on other subjects. Therefore I tend to stress a lot more as the day of the exam approaches. Reading the article was very beneficial for me due to the fact that I can take those general bullet points and apply them to my subject with the correlation to the teaching method of my professor.

A very important and an integral element of learning is practicing. Besides reading the relevant pages in the textbook and going over lecture notes, doing some practice problems could improve your studying and enhance your problem-solving techniques. Look for your teacher’s study guides and practice questions, either on an internet component or on a hard copy given by the professor.


How to Study Model

How to Study Model

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