I love it
Keagen Williams
University of Alaska Fairbanks, Fairbanks, Alaska

Everything said here is correct, in order to excel or even hope to pass A&P you must have good study habits and utilize many different ways to study.

Works Well For Me...
Scott Woodbridge
Canada College, Redwood City, California

For me, this article was useful and informative. I’ve just returned to school and I am pursuing a career change. I’m working towards a degree in nursing with an emphasis in public health policy and education. Having received bachelor degrees in Communication Theory and Developmental Psychology and Masters in Education, I have done my fair share of studying. Unfortunately, liberal arts studying methods vary slightly from the sciences. Preparing for nursing school has required me to strengthen my study habits and I have struggled some with re-discovering old study strategies from my past, and transferring them to the sciences. This article was helpful on many levels, mostly because it boils studying for Anatomy and Physiology down to 3 easy points which I routinely use: 1] Flashcards and memorization – a must – I carried flashcards with me everywhere I went and any/every free moment I had, whether standing in line or walking the dog, I reviewed them; 2] Routine study – stick to it – time manage effectively, and the author is right about the evening studying and sleep. Although I would study during the day too, I always reviewed my notes (or flashcards) before going to bed, and then would run the material over in my head while falling asleep; and, 3] Study guides – yes – do your research though and get reviews on the ones that are rated highest by those using them, they vary in quality.

Two last points, the author is right that shadowing a professional in the health/medical area you are interested in is optimal, but if this can not be arranged, volunteer. Lastly, if you have time, form a study group. Working with peers and talking about the subject matter helps reinforce concepts and material.

Also, I’ve begun tutoring others in Biology and Anatomy and use these study strategies routinely with the students who come for help.

How to Succeed in a Human A&P Class
Melissa Zehr, College Senior
Goshen College, Goshen, IN

As an A&P tutor, this article has some very insightful information. Human A&P can be a very difficult or challenging class for some people. However, there are ways to make it easier on yourself. Like the article mentions, flash memorization, routine study, and supplements are all good tips to succeed. When I was in the class, I would make flash cards and rewrite all my notes in order to remember everything. I would also make sure to study a little bit every day. This helped me remember different aspects easier, so they would naturally come to me when taking a test. It is also helpful to ask the professor or other students questions. I hope this helps you succeed!


How to Study Model

How to Study Model

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