How to Study for a Political Science Exam

Good tips BEFORE you start a PS class.
College Junior
Ca?ada College, Redwood City, CA

These are excellent tips, considering you are majoring in Political Science or are concerned or interested enough a semester before you register to read the entire text book.

Asking questions (class participation) is a must. Your professor will not always allow you a way to make up for being shy. So do your best to ask if you're curious about something, or add to a class discussion if you have a thought.

Keeping up with your text book does not mean you have to remember everything. Getting a solid understanding of the subject and concepts is often enough, give or take some history and event dates here and there.

Article had good points
Jordan, College Junior
Sierra College, California

Good article (if a bit self explanatory at times).

Asking questions is an important step that I think many people skip - rather intentionally or unintentionally. I know I often have, just to save myself perceived embarrassment at feeling stupid if I ask a question with an answer that someone else thinks is obvious. Learning to ask questions, to clarify, and to make sure you have everything understood properly is not only valuable in a school setting, but in a work one. Trust me - you don't want to just go into tasks at a new job blindly! It takes much longer and is much more embarrassing to try and fix a problem you created than it is to just ask and do it right the first time.

As a passionately political person, I am also a firm advocate of aligning with causes you believe in, and throwing your personal support - be it monetary, usage of time, or just casting a vote - behind those causes. Don't even do it just to improve your grade; do it because you'll be a part of something that matters. People claim not to be interested in politics because "it doesn't affect me." Those people are wrong. Political involvement is imperative to your success, and to the success of those around you - be a part of the change that you want not only for yourself, but for others!


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