Study Tips for Introduction to Psychology


Studying and reading are not the same. We read novels, but we have to study textbooks. Textbooks are dense and introduce a lot of new material - without having great plots or characters. Thus, while reading is an important first step, it won't usually transfer the new information into your long-term memory. To do that, you have to apply ACTIVE strategies to learn the material in the book. I have listed several sample strategies below. Your friends or classmates might have others they can share with you.

Take Notes on the Text: Taking notes is a much more active strategy than highlighting or underlining the text. However, do not make the mistake of writing down too much - this undermines the whole point. One good strategy is to jot down ONE or TWO main points for each "section" of the chapter.

By the end of the chapter, you will have about a page - two at the most - of notes. Try not to write down things that "stick" - the ideas and concepts that you understand easily and don't really need to study (the ones that click right away and you just "get" them).

Instead, jot down the concepts you have a hard time grasping or remembering. Then, study these notes along with your class-notes, rather than re-reading the whole chapter as a "study" strategy.Test Yourself:

Another active strategy is to test yourself by making up questions about the section you just read - and seeing if you can answer these questions without looking. You can also team up with a friend and ask each other questions about the chapter.

Study Tips for Introduction to Psychology
Intercoast College, West Covina, CA

Studying is not the same as reading. Study for recall rather than recognition. During the lecture, you should be writing down more than what the professor puts down on the overhead, blackboard, or powerpoint.

Study in 45 min chunks. keep up with the texts and feed your brain,meaning eating protein like a turkey sandwich, veggie burger, peanut-butter bar. Food high in carbohydrates, such as mac & cheese and french fries, will slow you down and make your mind more sluggish. It's been proven.

Thanks for the advice
Sharlene Smith, College Freshman
Crafton Hills Community College, Yucaip, CA

Thank you for the advice. Its great and helped me remember some strategies I knew that you suggested. I really liked your idea of recalling rather than recognizing. I also liked how you wrote everything by numbers and made it clear.

Study Tips for Introduction to Psychology
College Freshman
Austin Community College, Austin, Texas

I am taking Psychology for fall semester, but it will be an online course. The tips were very interesting. I took Psychology in high school, so I learned to study for that particular subject already. But the tips are very helpful, and will be for when the online course begins.

Study Tips for Introduction to Psychology
Karla R. Barajas, HS Sophomore
Canada College, Redwood city

Studying is not the same thing as reading. Studying requires active learning, such as writing notes down. In contrast, reading a novel just allows you to distinguish the plot and the characters.

These tips really will help any student succeed in a psychology course. I like how they point out that studying in chunks is much more effective than cramming. This is so true because I know this from experience. I believe this resource will help any student, including myself do well in the actual exams.

I especially liked how they pointed out that eating healthy affects your alertness and capability to concentrate. This is very helpful and useful information to keep in mind.

Study Tips for Introduction to Psychology
Jose Funes
Intercoast College, West Covina, CA

It provides information on how reading and studying are two completely different things. It explains some strategies you can take for easier studying and remembering.

Psychology for beginners
Emilie Schmidt, College Freshman
Midland University, Fremont Ne 68025

You have to be able to distinguish what you have a good grasp on and what you don't while reading the material. If something sticks well in your memory then you don't need to rewrite it down as you already know it. It's better to test yourself on questions you have made based off the reading of the text book you have read. It's easy to remember stuff if you are creating hints for your self and apply the material to your own life. Create a chart that explains and shows the comparison and contrasting of certain therories. If you are studidous and follow the simple tips and more that this website gives you under the Psychology subject and you will do great.


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