Taking essay exams

Mastering Essay Exams
Intercoast Colleges, West Covina,CA

To master an essay exam, a student needs to do two things, usually in a limited time: figure out what the question is asking, and organize and write the answer.


It may be helpful to briefly outline your answer before you write it out. This will keep you from getting lost in the middle of the essay, and will remind you to leave enough time to answer all the parts of the question.

If there is a page limit on the essay, put the outline on a separate page.

Another outline strategy is to go through the test and outline each answer before writing any of them. With this strategy, if you run out of time to answer all the questions, your outlines may gain you some partial credit

.Read the exam question for clues about organization. For example, if the question asks you to give a list or an outline, don't waste your time writing a formal essay.

Essay Exams
Amber Jackson
Intercoast College, West Covina, Ca

These three steps to taking essay exams are good tips. These steps will help you ace a test. Once you analyze the question. It helps you to understand what type of answer they are looking for, and what type of information you must provide. Then you organize your answer.

Do an outline for your answer. Break down all the information you use and put it in order to make sense. Then managing your time helps, too. Don't take up to much time trying get your answer.

Taking Essay Exams
InterCoast College, West Covina, CA

Taking essay exams are not really my thing, especially if I have a time limit. I have to be more organized when taking this kind of exam.

Writing a Good Essay
Patrick Almazan, College Freshman
Intercoast College, West Covina, CA

Basically to write a good essay exam there's two things you need to do: figure out what the question is asking and organize and write your answer. The first thing you should do is survey the question for key words that guide you to finding out what its asking you to do. Next, you organize your ideas by mind mapping or flow-charts so that its easier to write your essay. Finally based upon your outline you can begin writing with effective comprehension.


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