How to study for a college algebra test

Great suggestions!
College Freshman
Crafton Hills College, Yucaipa, CA

This article has great suggestions. I have been terrible at math tests in high school, but now in college, I have used some of these suggestions such as studying and being at class everyday and it has helped me raise my test levels dramatically. I will be using these suggestions in more math classes in the future.

It works!!
Tatiana Oseguera
Canada College, Redwood City, CA

When I read the "How to study for a college algebra test," I was skeptical if it were going to work. But I took the time to try it out and it really has helped to bring up my quiz scores. I would definitely read this guide if you need help with studying.

Algebra Test
College Freshman
Austin Community College, Austin, Texas

This study guide is very helpful. You always need to have a positive attitude before you start anything. Practice make perfect. Study, Study, Study.

Helpful tips for math success
Reuben Butteri, College Senior
University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Alaska

The article How to Study for a College Algebra Test is a great resource for those who feel uncomfortable about math. It goes over an 8 step strategy to help make a student successful in the realm of college algebra. These steps include having a positive attitude, practicing, doing problems step by step, attending class, and getting help.

As a math tutor I can say that these steps work. I often give the same advice to my tutees when they are feeling overwhelmed by an upcoming math exam. I have found that out of these steps the biggest improvement comes from practicing problems every day. Learning math takes hard work and time, and practicing problems is really the best way to drill the concepts and steps into a student?s brain. Anyone feeling stressed or down about an upcoming algebra exam could definitely find useful and comforting information in this article.

A Good Way to Study for Math
Avery Vrooman
Sierra College, Grass Valley, California

As a student, and someone who enjoys math, I have tried many different studying techniques and I have noticed that attitude is a large part of being successful in math. I believe that this study strategy will benefit anyone who has the dedication to learning because it is well developed and easily gives one step by step instructions to succeed in math.

College Math Tests Anxiety
Madeleine Bunn, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College , Mcminville, Oregon

This article was very helpful for me.I almost always go in to a Math test expecting to fail. I'll start going into Math tests with a positive attitude, that will set me up to learn and excel. I will also continue to attend tutoring when I am struggling and always ask questions.

Do the Easy Stuff First
College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Oregon

Doing the questions that I find easiest will help in the long run because it will give me more time to focus on the ones that are hard for me to do.

Algebra Test Steps
College Freshman
Chemeketa , Salem Oregon

I keep seeing this over and over again, practice a little every day. Recheck answers and learn from your mistakes, seems simple enough. Ask for help, something I was always afraid to do. I didn't want to annoy my overly worked instructor, but now I know better. I will always seek help when needed.


How to Study Model

How to Study Model

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