Cornell Note Taking Examples - Math

Cornell Note Taking
Carol Gatlin, College Sophomore
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa Florida

The Cornell note taking method of good, bad note taking method to math really works, I had a problem taking math in school,with anixeity up the hill, but recently I tried taking notes, and understanding the principle concepts of how to arriving to the correct answer.

Sowhen I applied myself to solving math problems I had the notes to guide through, and I passed the math course with no stress, and anxiety.

Cornell note taking for Math
College Freshman
Austin Community College, Round Rock, TX

I agree with the Cornell note taking; for any subject. Seeing an example for the Cornell note taking in Math, made it look simpler and easy to study and understand. Having 2 columns- one with questions, and the second with a summary and notes of what you took- allows you to fold the paper in half and quiz yourself.

-Sara Krause College Study Skills- 12287

Cornell notes
Avery, College Freshman
Minneapolis Community and Technical College, Minneapolis ,MN

I feel that Cornell notes are a very effective note taking skill. This is a note taking skill I have used since I was in middle school. It is a way to keep good organization of notes and makes it easy to study and keep track of lessons.

Taking Math notes the right way
College Freshman
Sierra College, Rocklin, CA

I found this source helpful, because it showed how to take notes for math the right way and also the wrong way. This can help a lot, because there is a big difference between knowing how to take good, helpful notes and just writing whatever you want. When the notes are clear and concise, compared to long and just copying everything down, it can also make a big difference. When a tutee has trouble with a subject and can notes the right way, the confusion can stop and the tutee would most likely understand the subject faster than a tutee who wrote long sloppy notes.

How to take proper notes
College Freshman
Chemeteka College, Salem Oregon

This is is great resource on how to actually take great math notes. The pictures make it very clear on how they should look. Since I'm more of a messy note taker,this is a clear representation on what they should look like.

College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

I personally favored this site over all the rest so far. I am a very visual person and I love that I can see exactly what they mean with examples of "Good notes" and "Bad notes". It is very clear and to the point, how my notes should look when I am taking notes in my math class. Absolutely loved this. 5 stars! *****


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