Study Tip - Student Nurse Report

Study Tip
Crismeili Alvarez, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, Florida

This Study Tips is Very helpful. I can Relate to the writer. She is a mom and I'm a nanny.It is hard to work and study at the same time, not having enough time to study or do house work because i am too busy taking care of the kids.

One of the tips that she gave was to use a digital voice recorder to make a recording of the content of the PowerPoints presented in class and then I play the recordings back. I don't take my class in a class room I take it online,so i take a couple of notes and go back and review them before taking the test on my free time.

What are your stress relievers?
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa,Florida

i have a hard time studying, while also trying to complete home chores. Those chores include helping the children with homework and cleaning and preparing dinner and also working. Things become overwhelming and stressful, because i am a single parent of four little ones that include three in elementary. i was wondering how can i get rid of the stress and still do good in school online. I wouldn't of thought to watch an old movie would help to get rid of stress.

Tips On Studying From Former Nurse Students
Tiffany Harvey, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, Florida

This has been very helpful, since I am a new student taking nursing classes. I am very sure that I will continue to read through these articles to achieve the best studying habits possible. MUST SEE for all new nursing students or any new college student!!

Study Tip- Student Nurse Report
Candice Hambrick
Ultimate Medical Acadamy, Tampa, Florida

After reading this study tip that taught me how to study, I would of never guessed to record the discussion and listen to it as you walk, cook, exercise, etc. That would really help if you were someone who had to have the question repeated over and over again. Instead of repeating, just play your recording.

Study Tip _ Student Nurse Report
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, Florida

I can relate to a few of you as I am a mother of 4 and it gets quite complicated at times when you have school work to do as well as help your kids with what they have and the cleaning and cooking as well. I have learned that including your kids in what you are doing really does help a lot, I mean you have to include yourself in their work for school, so why don't you include them into your work so they think that they are teaching you. Well that all depends on how old your kids are though.

Study Tips
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, Florida

I used to have trouble studying on some days due to my busy schedule at work and making sure my family is okay. But I have now managed the time to go to work, check on my family and then focus on me. Though, sometimes I work night shift, that usually means checking on my family, go to work and study and do work when I come home from work. For me being so young it is kind of hard sometimes, but I can pretty much handle it and have no stress at all.


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