Study Techniques for Chemistry

study techniques for chemistry
Melanie Angulo
Austin Commuinty Collge, Cypress Creek

i really like this, because when i was in high school and I took chemistry i did really well in it. But this will help me prepare for college chemistry. There will be a lot more information and a lot more help needed.

How to get through it without hating life!
Ashley Goerlich, College Freshman
Sierra College, Rocklin, California

As a student of both general, organic and biochemistry I have become a professional at how to get through it without hating life. These study tips would help someone new to the subject so much! I had to pay a tutor out of my pocket to learn things like review things before and staying on top of your work, and sometimes in chemistry staying on top of your work before you get behind realllly means, staying AHEAD of the work.

Also, getting together and forming a study group to keep up on things and be able to discuss them with other people after is a great idea.

AND! Stop the instructor during lecture if you don't understand something. There's no point in branching off of material you don't know in the first place, and it's true, when you don't understand something and say it, twelve other people are making sighs of relief because they aren't the only ones who don't get it.

This is not difficult
HS Freshman
apsacs, gujranwala cantt

The thing you all know is that good teachers are builder of students and students take full use of their knowledge. If the student listens to them properly, then it is not difficult for us. First read in class carefully and review 1 hour in each day.

Kate Simmons, HS Junior
Austin Community College, Austin, Texas

WOW! I wish I had this last year!! This would've helped me so much. I can't tell you how many nights I would waste, staying up trying to figure out stupid directions. Stoichiometry would've been so much easier if I knew about this website. WOW. Thank you!! :)

Helpful tips
Lucas McKinnon, College Junior
Sierra College, California

After taking several chemistry and related science classes, I have come to learn that the only stupid question is the one that you don't ask. I have often times failed to ask questions and regretted it later. Now, I try to always ask questions and they sometimes lead to further interesting and helpful discussions. To me, mastering chemistry involves much repetition and a willingness to work. It is up to the student to figure out if flashcards, writing things over and over, or some other method works best for them.

My current O-chem teacher has taught me many study skills including the importance of a second or even third point of view. I have found that reading the textbook can be confusing whereas the teacher's lecture can make total sense or vice versa. I strongly encourage chemistry students to learn difficult topics from multiple sources. It will truly benefit you.

Study Techniques for Chemistry
Kim Loi Vo, HS Junior
Canada College, Redwood City, CA

I find that this guide is a really good refresher on how to properly study chemistry, or any subject for that matter. Although I was hoping it would have more specific tips for chemistry, it does remind students to ask for help because it is always available.

A problem that I usually have in chemistry is sometimes, the professor is going so fast that I don't even understand what he is saying and therefore don't even know what to ask questions on. A really interesting tip that the article mentioned was taping the lectures. That could actually help a lot of people. I do a little of all of the things mentioned to some extent and I guess I should be more on top of it to make the grade and actually understand the course material. These tips helped remind me of the things that I and other students, need to do in order to succeed.

Not unanswered Questions
Mauricio Gonzalez, College Junior
Canada College, United States

Perhaps the most important part of my experience is that I cannot leave the classroom without unanswered questions, If you don't ask, they tend to pile up and leave you lost. It is also to research your professors, since they don't have the same techniques to teach. so find out and inquire which one suites your best style of learning.

Study Techniques for Chemistry
Anna Adhikari, College Sophomore
Sierra College, Grass Valley, CA

The study tips are very helpful. You always want to keep up with your homework, lab and reading assignments in order to pass the class with flying colors. Forming a study group is helpful since you will be able to discuss the material with other people. Stopping the professor and asking questions about something you don't understand is very important, because it is very hard or almost impossible to catch up with the class once you are lost. It is always the best idea to visit the professor during his/her office hours to clarify things you didn't understand in class. For long term memory, repetition is a must. Taking good notes is also important, because they help to grasp information for later review while keeping you anchored to the subject matter.


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