Tips on Studying a Foreign Language

Great Resource!
Sierra College, CA

It covers main points in the not-so-simple process of learning a new language - involving reading, writing, listening, and speaking - in a very simple and concise way. It gives a student a clear picture of all the aspects that go into learning a new language and a realistic idea about how much time and effort it might require. This is a wonderful resource for both students and tutors. Some of the tips described I already knew, but others I wouldn’t even remember to mention to a tutee. For example, “do not mumble in class” and “study phrases and sentences” are so obvious, but having the list of tips is a great checklist for a tutor when helping a student finding ways to improve his/her learning process. The tips on where and how a student can immerse himself into a language by practicing listening are very helpful as well!

College Sophomore
Sierra College , Rocklin, Ca.


This resource o will be very helpful, not only to me but to any prospective tutee as well.

When studying a foreign language students must immerse themselves in it to the extent that the language cannot be studied only on a limited number of days but several times daily in intervals of imitation and memorization through repetition with rest periods in between allowing the brain a processing period for better memory storage and recall.

Additionally, my own personal experience has shown me that listening to classmates, interacting with other Spanish speakers, watching Spanish language programs on television, listening to Spanish radio and practicing for quizzes two days prior are all very helpful hints in preparing for success.

Language Tips for ASL as well as French
College Sophomore
Sierra College, Rocklin, CA

I chose the Foreign Languages subject area, after thinking about ASL is closer to a foreign language than English. The resource that I found the most helpful was “Tips on Studying a Foreign Language.” I found that each tip is very true, not just to ASL but also to French (another language that I have learned and now speak – semi-fluently now). It suggests not mumbling (there is “hand-mumbling” in ASL) and “bothering” the teacher if you need help and never cut class. Sounds simple but cutting class is a rampant social behavior, particularly in college. But when it comes to languages, it is vitally important to be there for every class and to ask questions when you do not understand. It is better to fix the little holes early before they grow and you end up falling more and more behind.

One line sticks out to me and stays too. It is “Grammar rules are language’s bones—words are only flesh.” That is one thing I try to get across as a tutor. Learning the grammar early on is very important. It is how you construct the language. It is the bones.

Tips For Studying Foreign Languages
HS Junior
Sierra College, Rocklin, CA

Overall, this resourse was a great tool for people about to enter a foreign language class.

Studying for a foreign language class can be extraordinarily tough, especially if you do not know how to study for it. There are some tips though that won’t only get you through the course, but will also potentially help you learn and understand the language. First things first, you want to study daily. Foreign languages, such as Spanish, require a lot of study time, for you need to understand all the grammar, the vocabulary, the tenses, and then be able to use all of it as you speak. Without studying, there’s a high chance that you will struggle, and the teacher will know it, simply by asking you a question and then judging your response. It can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if you fall behind, which brings us to the second tip: don’t miss any classes. Missing just one class can be a little risky, but missing more than one will come back and haunt you.

Some other things you want to take note of is to not be afraid to make mistakes (no one’s language s perfect), to speak aloud when you study (that way you can practice your speaking skills at the same time), and to ask your professor or tutor for help whenever you’re struggling (the material will probably come up again and again, so you want to be sure to understand it). Also, the important thing is to not stress out, and rather think of the studying as, “Hey! I’m learning another language right now!”

Great Job!
College Sophomore
Sierra College, Roclin, California

Me gusta! :) I thought the design was simple and easy to use. The user interface made sense. They cover like every single scholastic topic imaginable! I clicked on the Foreign Languages link, because if I become a tutor in the future, that would be my preferred subject of tutoring. This lead me to search results of a sort. It brought up many different articles with links to pdf files about how to study for and do well in foreign language classes. I read through an article and it made complete sense! I actually will have to use this in my own life, as well as share the tips with others.

Very useful resource !!
Hamza El Harti, College Freshman
Sierra College, Rocklin, CA

I found this document really interesting because it just has everything a student needs to know ,so they can study for a foreign language the right way. One of the most important tips for a subject like this is the continuous practice. I personally have been studying French from primary school and English from middle school, so I've had enough practice I can say, and now I speak both languages fluently .

The student needs to practice the language every day, because the grammar structures are easy to forget especially because they are different from a language to another. Grammar structures are, and I quote, "languages' bones". It's a lot more important than vocabulary, because you can just look up words to improve your vocabulary. But, the student needs to know the grammar rules to make correct and complete sentences.

Moreover, not mumbling in class and studying phrases and sentences are very efficient tips to learn a foreign language. Back home, I had a lot of classmates laugh at the mistakes I made while participating in my English classes. It was frustrating at first, but those were the mistakes I never ever made again and half of those classmates didn't even pass the class. My classmates didn't have the kind of motivation I was looking for, but it sure did help improve my knowledge of the language.

So I think this document is very interesting and I am sure I will show this list to every tutee I'll work with because it just has all the important tips to study for the subject.

Trust this site !
HS Sophomore
Graham High School, Graham, NC

After reviewing this website I found the most useful tips. My Spanish got way better and now I can help others with their foreign language.


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