Math Study Skills

Math Study Skills Survey Review
Sierra College, California

Apart from an inaccurate description (with bad grammar) that claims that "there is no numbers in this survey" I found the Inventory very helpful. It provided a list of many different study skills I feel could be applied to any class, not just math. You use numbers to rate how you measure up for the study skills. The inventory listed things I had never thought of doing before that are excellent strategies for success.

In tutoring math, one of the things that trips up the tutees is simple mistakes. I had never thought of making a list of the problems you get wrong on the test (and why), but I could see how this could really help you focus on frequent stumbling blocks and improve your grade. For instance, if you tend to reverse or forget to distribute a negative, and you do this repeatedly on tests, the next test you could specifically check for this in order to eliminate it. Other things such as working in the lab or reading the text before coming to class could be very beneficial as well. Even though I am a straight-A student, I received a C in study skills. This was eye opening, yet I feel optimistic. It shows me I have options in case I run into a class that feels unmanageable. Overall, I felt it was helpful because of the variety of ideas it presented. I will definitely use these strategies myself and recommend them for more classes than just math.

Math Study Skills Survey
Joshua B
Minneapolis Community and technical College, Minneapolis Minnesota

I am impressed with how well this survey works. It thoroughly assessed my study skills and pointed out things I've never realized. There are fifty questions that correspond to fifty ideal study techniques. It was good to see what I should be doing and to rate myself on how well I'm doing each thing. The survey also points out the flaw in my thinking. I always thought that I was bad a math. It turns out I'm actually good at math, but I a bad at studying. This isn't a shocker ,but I never knew what made me bad at studying or where to start. This was a good self assessment.

What does it take to be successful?
Sierra College, California

This article provides a great To Do list for being successful in studying logic and math. I wish I'd had it 10+ years ago when I decided I wanted to be a serious student, and I wish there had been a mechanism besides trial and error to make me comprehend its importance. I've heard the saying, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions." So is my academic transcript. Being a serious student never translated to being a successful student, because I didn't know what behaviors were involved. This article lays out all the attitude adjustments I wish I'd known how to make years ago.

Math result
Eslie Rivas
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

My Math Study score was a C. I wasn't surprised I would get this score, because I find math difficult. So it's hard to stay motivated to pass the class successfully. Sometimes when I do understand the material, I get lazy to review it again before the quiz. When it comes to the quiz, I sometimes forget what I had learned because I didn't study enough. Reading these math reviews will help me improve my study skills.

Math studies
Isabelle Domrose-Hand, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

I got a C on the test and i feel that is accurate given I am not very good at studying math. I think this test can help people know what their true level of math study skills are if they may not know themselves. Therefore I think this could be very helpful for those who need it.


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