How to Pass Chemistry

Read This Guide To Succeed In Chemistry!
College Senior
UAF, Fairbanks, Alaska

Wow, what a great guide! At first glance, there appears to be a lot of information, but it is broken down very effectively, with good use of headings and bullet points. The advice is excellent.

Like the guide says, you definitely need to have some background in math to do well in chemistry. This guide is especially good for freshman students taking their first college chemistry course, with simple tips like sitting at the front of the class, rather than the back as you did in high school. The sentences in all caps draw attention to them and are very important to keep in mind. Also, the section at the end that list common traps students fall into was a great addition, serving as a warning about what not to do in your chemistry course. If you have time to spare, take a look at this guide and you will be on the road to passing chemistry!

Chemistry Studying Simplified
Camille Barga, College Sophomore
Sierra College, Rocklin, CA

Of all the chemistry resources, I found the How to Pass Chemistry link to be one of the more effective ones that got the main points across. My reasons? Well, the whole point for most of these study/writing aids was to provide information on how to be a better student and learner overall. All of the resources did achieve this, to varying degrees, so my deciding factors for selecting the “best” was based entirely upon the •relevance •practicality and •presentation of the material within each resource.

In this resource (although technically tied with several others), each main skill that a good student should learn was listed as a header phrase, followed by a list of bullet-point descriptions below, breaking the skill down into either a series of logical steps or explanations commenting on applicable (and relatable!) scenarios. What I especially liked was the simplicity of this resource.The information was simply laid out with no distracting elements or convoluted details. Not only this, but if a student knew that he or she was proficient (or above) at one of the listed skills in the header, they could skip to the next listed technique with no time lost in reading redundant material―in other words, the document is easy to navigate. Personally, not all the descriptions listed below the skill headers were ones I used in my experience with chemistry (also, most were solutions deduced through common sense, with respect to what is expected of students these days). However, this relates to finding what learning methods work best with each student.

That being said, as a college chemistry tutor, I believe many of my chemistry students will find this resource helpful, whether by informing them on new learning skills or by reinforcing what they already know about learning new information and making an honest attempt to be a successful student.


How to Study Model

How to Study Model

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