Making the most out of math class

Productive Similarities
Skylar Van Horne, HS Senior
Ghidotti Early College High School, Grass Valley, California

Having read through several of the documents and tips on this website, I found this document in particular to be one of the most useful. As a somewhat successful math student, I have employed many of the same tips and suggestions for note-taking and studying discussed in this model. All of the tips have helped me succeed in my past math classes including writing more than just what the teacher has to say, asking questions, studying in small chunks daily rather than just before the test, and making a review sheet of all the key information from your notes in order to study for your test. After walking through and utilizing each of these helpful study tips, I have rarely needed a tutor but, if I have, I have been well prepared to be helped by the tutor.

Being a tutor for math now, I think students rely too heavily on tutors to do their work for them and do not realize that they could save time and money in the long run if they would just practice good studying and note taking techniques on their own. Overall this was a very helpful and insightful math study document.

Excellent Advice
Micheal R Milligan
Sierra College, Grass valley

I think that these studying strategies are not only great tips for math but also for many other subjects. By being prepared and going over the text book before class, the student can find out the main points that will be covered in class and seeing the material twice will reinforce concepts.

I also like the note taking strategies suggested by having two columns and writing concepts on one side and examples on the other because notes can become confusing and by writing examples right next to the concept it is applied to, the student can make connections about when to use that concept. This article has contributed to my personal study skills.

Great information!!!!
Charlena Parker, College Freshman
Ultimate Medical Academy, Tampa, Florida

I found this guide to be very useful. It really helps you understand better ways to understand and be prepared for math. I really enjoyed the way they broke it down when it comes to studying and taking notes. Because I know I'm probably not the only one whose had those moments were you crammed everything in instead of taking time out of each day to study a little at a time. So this really gives you great advice on how to make time management skills!

New Method
Kimberly, College Sophomore
Sierra College, Rocklin, CA

The two-column note idea is new to me, but as both a student and a tutor it certainly has merit. My notes in math class tend to get haphazard. Using this would certainly help me in keeping track of what’s important and what is just more examples.

As a tutor, it would allow me to see what the student understood from the lesson, and either correct the mistake or refer back to a specific when the session gets frustrating for the student. I also appreciated the little blurbs of note taking ideas listed throughout the reference sheet. I plan on making use of a few of them in my next math class.

Never, Ever Give Up!
Sierra College , Grass Valley, CA

As a determined and dedicated student, I found this link Making the Most out of Math Classto one of the more educational and enlightening. I had never encountered this style of note taking before and I am looking forward to experimenting with it sinceI am always looking for new and more efficient ways to take notes.

Furthermore, advising students to read the textbook ahead of class is an excellent way to better prepare for lecture. That way we only are filling in gaps of knowledge, rather than experiencing the overwhelming feeling of being lost when confronted with brand new material. While I found this link the be the most beneficial personally, I also suggest that everyone take the time to read Ten Ways to Survive the Math Blues, which gives a broader spectrum of advice that ranges from practical to supportive and more importantly, reminds us to never, never give up.

Helpful techniques!
Eslie Rivas
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, Oregon

I found this guide very helpful, because it talks about useful tips I don't really think about. For example, reading the syllabus before class. I usually just look at the syllabus to check if anything is due, other than that I don't really use it. Looking at the concepts that will be covered during class can be helpful so I will have an idea about it.

Also, I tend to just write down everything my professor gives me, and sometimes I miss some stuff.This guide suggest that leaving some empty spaces where I missed stuff can be helpful so I can go back and use the book to fill in that empty space, instead of just skipping that point.

Making the most of Math class
Madeleine Bunn, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College , Mcminville, Oregon

This PDF was what I needed at the beginning of the term. The style of note taking would have been helpful to learn sooner. The structure of notes makes finding examples easy to find and better organized. I will from now on use this style when taking notes for math and other similar classes.

The key to math
MOUAD ZEH, College Freshman
Sierra college, Rocklin,cCA

Preparation in math is the key to understand math. If you prepare yourself before the class, by knowing what the chapter is that the professor going to talk about, and having a small idea about it, it will allow you to not be overwhelmed, and follow the professor without a lot of difficulties.

Also, the most important things in a math class are the theory and the examples. The theory is the main lesson, and the examples are, for me, the most important thing you have to understand during a class, because it shows if you understood your theory very well or not, and points at your weaknesses, and what you have to improve. Making notes of your theory and examples is a must, so you can try to fill in the gaps of your understanding while alone at home. Overall this was a very good resource.

Creating an outline for math
College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

This is very helpful when it comes to a math class because I personally like having step by step of what I'm learning. I very much enjoyed reading this.

Getting the most out of math class
College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem, OR

I personally have a hard time staying focused and paying attention during a lecture. So the advice this article offers of taking key points away from what the instructor is telling you and fill in the gaps later, is very helpful to me.

Really Helpful information
College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Oregon

This link gave me very helpful information about how to format notes so they are easier for me to take, and to read later on.

Angelita , College Freshman
Chemeketa Community, Salem

I found this somewhat helpful. A lot of it I had read in other how to study math materials. I did like the Emphasis on daily review math work. The phrase is coming to mind a little every day vs. periodic cramming will be helpful for me to try to implement. I also found useful what would be best to put on a note card, that was always challenging for me to determine.

Making the most out of math class
College Freshman
Chemeketa , Salem Oregon

I found this sheet very useful. I printed out a copy for myself to keep with me when I start my math class in the fall term. I will try to follow the advice that I have learned from this sheet and highlight the important parts that will help me be the most successful. Asking my self and others lots of questions seem to be the bases of what the information. I like the idea to scan the chapter ahead of time to provide the mental framework of what is next to happen.

great page
Jennifer, College Freshman
Chemeketa Community College, Salem Oregon

I'm glad I found this hand out! I printed it to use for myself, to keep in my math folder. I read ahead in my math class and skim the chapters early. This handout mentioned that and some other really good tips. It is a great read!


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How to Study Model

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