Tips on Studying a Foreign Language

tips for studying a foreign language
College Freshman
Austin Community College, Round Rock

This was a very helpful topic. The way you listed out all the different steps helped give all the ways to study. They are all good tips for learning a new language.

Strategies to help you study
College Freshman
austin community college, cypress creek

This is very helpful information on studying a foreign language. It says that instead of spending a lot of time focused on one part you should divide your time equally into studying different parts of the language. In 15-30 minute periods focus on a different task each time,grammar,vocabularyand reciteing dialog. Warm up before classes by reading or speaking the foreign language .Writing, listening and speaking are very important.

tips on foreign language
Austin Community College, cypress

You must study everyday and distribute the time you study. You do not want to study all at once. It does no good. Also learn english grammar, if you don't know it already. You have to have something you're comparing the language to. Pay attention to detail such as accent, the order of letters. Another thing that helps is speaking it aloud, which will help your grammar and speaking skills. Even if it is just a little spoken. As you speak and notice what you are saying wrong, you learn from your mistakes.

KCOOPER, College Freshman
ACC, Austin, Tx

This information is so true. I know that when I was studying a different language, I had to study daily. Typically when i studied I would have to study multiple times a day for long periods of time. So you definately do have to devote quite a bit of time to studying for a foreign language.

Tips on Studying a Foreign Language
Vanh, College Freshman
Austin Community College, Cedar Park

I find the tips on studying a foreign language very helpful. I will be taking Spanish I next semester.

If I had known these tips when I studied French in High School for Three years, it would have made my life easier. The third year was really a struggle to receive an "A".

Studying tips for a foreign language
College Freshman
Sierra College, Rocklin, CA

The tips are very helpful, I noticed several that I already use in one form or another, such as always attending and participating in class and practicing with others who are learning or know the same language.

There were also many tips that I want to implement such as studying everyday and not putting it off for the weekends so as to keep it constant and fresh in my mind, and also, reading exercises while listening to them and then simply listening to them without the reading to improve listening skills. There were some really great studying tips. Thank you for the ideas.

Success in Foreign Language
Liana Lyubik
Sierra College, Rocklin, California

Studying a foreign language is very tough. At first it is very embarrassing and emotionally hard because you can't speak perfectly and make mistakes. You are always worried that people will judge you and laugh at you because you don't pronounce words correctly and make mistakes almost in every word. I know how hard it is because only 2 years ago I experienced it. However, it is possible to learn a foreign language very quickly if you really try hard and put a lot of effort in learning it.

You need to follow some rules and it will make your studying much easier. I like some helpful tips that are listed here. From my experience I know that language needs to be used and practiced every day otherwise you will forget or never learn it if it's knew language for you. In this reading there is mentioned that you need to devote 1-2 hours for learning every day and attend and participate every class. I agree because if you miss a class it will be hard to catch up. Also, practicing for test by reviewing old materials and handouts helps a lot to get a high grade on the test. In other words "refresh your memory". In addition, practicing pronunciation of words by watching TV, listening radio and repeating those words out loud helps to build your pronunciation. However, students need to avoid word-by-word translation because first of all it is waste of the time and second of all it makes you "lazy" for studying those words and it becomes your habit to look up everything in the dictionary instead of studying and memorizing them. And the last thing is to talk and speak as many as you can because without speaking you will never learn any language. Even if you make a lot of mistakes you need to keep speaking and then you will become used to that language and realize that in a few month you will speak perfect language. So I suggest using these helpful tips because I benefited from them when I was studying English.

These Tips are True
Canada College, United States

These tips are true and useful. In order to remember, one must repeat. These tips focus in on that, and they remind the reader that in order to learn a language, one has to focus on repetition. I also enjoyed the emphasizes on grammar. The writer states that grammar must be learned because it is the skeleton. A lot of foreign languages have harder grammar, so I enjoyed hearing that as a tip because it is very true.

Don't have to move to Ecuador!
Tasha Friesen, College Sophomore
Goshen College, Goshen, Indiana

As a Spanish tutor, it's sometimes nice to have a list of reasons why my tutees ought to do the things I ask of them. I often get asked: what's the best way to get better at speaking and understanding Spanish? Because I learned by living in a foreign country for an extended period of time, I tell them the best thing is just to practice out loud whenever you have the opportunity. But this list of tips gives a few other, more concrete suggestions for how to improve your skills without having to move to Ecuador! I will definitely be referring my tutees to this list this semester.

Great Summary
James, College Sophomore
Sierra College, Rocklin, CA

These are great tips, but my favorites are 1)Study Every Day, 2)Attend and Participate in Every Class, 3)Get Help if you need it.

They are definitely what helped me learn French.


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