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Tips for taking online courses
"Taking online classes is not necessarily the same as taking face to face courses. Get hints and tips here.!"

10+ suggestions for studying with kids underfoot, from planning tasks for the kids to developing a routine, to playing with children during study breaks. Lots of specific tips here.
Studying with kids underfoot

Check out College Professors expectations vs. High School teachers How College Differs from High School

Here's what good study habits look like.
How to develop good study habits

How to Read a Syllabus Get the rules of the game in this short video. Save your GPA. Learn the parts of the syllabus and why it is so important.

Essential Study Tips for Successful College Students
"Multiple tips and resources including tips for in the Lecture Hall and tips for Beyond the Books."

Of course this may never happen to you!15 Ways to resist a classroom nap!

"Designing Effective Posters"
A video intro plus a table of contents makes this a powerful extensive useful site. Poster Presentation and how to do it.

Online Learning Cost Saving Calculator
Figure out how much you would save by taking a class online instead of driving to campus!

Avoiding Study Traps
Don't know where to begin? Is there too much to remember? Check out these tips to avoid the pitfalls of studying.

Inventory of College Level Study Skills
Includes 6 different areas from notetaking to test prep!

The Study Cycle: study smart, not hard
Get the strategic approach to learning and see the whole cycle in one chart!

How many words do you know?Vocabulary is an Ongoing Process!

What your mother never told you about college"
Includes advice from nursing students, law students and Bed Bath and Beyond!

Have you ever had this problem of where you study and study and still bomb the test? Then The Six Hour D is for you!

How to Flunk Out With Grace and Style! Anyone of these 21 ways will do.

Calculus Holiday Carols
Sing along for Riemann Sums (Jingle Bells) or Caculus Class (Silent Night)

How to Study Model

How to Study Model

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Just for Fun

Just for Fun

"Im hiding." Look for this image on the study skills pages for more cartoons!